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Hello, I’m Saurav Raj !

Hi, I am Saurav Raj, i have been building and optimising website for the past 5 years. I have built and optimised more than 150+ websites during the last 5 years. Building a website is easy, but optimising it is very difficult. I optimise website for speed and their loading time, so that the website does not faces any issues in SEO.

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Building a website is easy, but optimising it is very hard. There are a lot of companies and freelancer who build the websites using some kind of page builer, e.g. Elementor, but in this process they do not realise that these page builders often slow down the websites. These builders, increase the page size and hence the make the loading time of the website very high. Then these websites suffer in SEO. So, I use such a method, that the website becomes easy to optimise, and they do not suffer in SEO.

I believe development is a process

I design and build

I build and optimise


Let the client define their requirements in details for the designing to take place.


Designing the website according to the requirements of the clients.


Building the website according to the design of the website.


Optimising the website, so that the website does not faces issue in SEO.

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